T-square Cover Letters

On the way to securing my most recent job, I credited getting my foot in the door to a simple technique — the T-letter.

Drafting Board with T-Square

It’s called a T-letter because it contains a table which lists job requirements in one column, and how your experience and skills match the requirements in another column.  When complete, the end result looks a bit like the actual example below.

T-style Cover Letter

The real value of the T-letter is that it makes it very easy for the first-level HR reviewer to avoid placing your resume package into the reject pile.

And, if the company uses a computer application to screen instead, it can work just as well.  Why, you may wonder?  Well, since you’re including the responsibilities and requirements taken directly from the job req, the screening program is likely to score your higher with these keywords in your cover letter.  Makes sense, right?

This blog is all about giving you actionable ideas, tips and techniques, to help make your job search more effective, and to get you to your next job quicker.  But what worked for me, may not work for you.

Step Upp to Overcome barriers -- Take action!On the next job posting, which you directly apply to with a cover, try creating a T-style letter instead.  It may help you with questions on the initial phone interview, too.

So, give the T-letter a try, and let me know your results is the blogpost comment section.  Your feedback may help your fellow job hunters, and also will make the community stronger.

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